Mary McFadden

I’m Mary, a 21 year old Irish girl (woman? Not sure if I’ve made the transition yet) living in  London. I moved in August 2014 to do an MA Magazine Journalism degree after limited  options at home in Ireland. Emigration is hard and I didn’t have very much choice but to  leave  to try and pursue my goals.

I’m currently editor of Synced magazine, a publication for London-based students looking to  read trending, pop-cultural topics on-the-go. We’ve just published our final print issue so give it a read! I love  writing and it’s something I’d be lucky to do as a full-time career. My course is finishing at the  end of March so shoot any and all information on prospective jobs my way.

I don’t have a plan of where I’ll be next year. I may move to New York and try my hand at the  whole ‘American Dream’ thing, or I could head back to Ireland and try my (not so great) luck  there. I would, of course, prefer the latter but I’m going to follow the jobs as if I was Dorothy  on  a yellow brick road. Though I don’t think my path is quite so gold gilded.