5 Things To Love This Week: Agent Carter, house hunting, inDesign and more

by Mary McFadden

It seems a bit odd writing a ‘this past week’ post on a Tuesday but I suppose it’s been a bit of a backwards week anyway. Plus I found out today that money goes into my bank account on Wednesdays and not Mondays like I previously thought. Revelations all round!

Agent Carter 

I first heard about this Marvel spin-off show a few months ago when everyone was convinced that it would be a flop. I heard the same thing about Better Call Saul, which is now one of my favourite shows (take that, cynics!). So I gave Agent Carter a chance and it is fantastic. I binge-watched all of season 1 in a night and spent the next day panda-faced. It’s about Captain America’s love Peggy as she kicks butt (and sexism) in the SSR. A must-watch.


I really enjoyed laying out magazine pages back when I did my BA in college (I feel a little old typing that) and as part of an assignment for college I have to design a dummy magazine. I chose an alternative wedding publication for couples and it’s not too shabby so far if I say so myself.



It was my little brother’s confirmation this week and although I’m no longer a Catholic (unofficially… don’t think the church takes kindly to deserters), it was a proud moment seeing him in his outfit looking so grown up.

Days off 

I shamelessly slept in until 2pm today. I rarely do that and it really brings me back to my lazy teenage days. It was hardly my fault though… it’s the last week of college and classes weren’t on today (at least not the ones I normally go to!) so I put ‘sleep’ as priority number one. I didn’t waste the whole day, though; I went wandering around Kingston Upon Thames and wrote up some articles. Proof that I’m not a complete Snorlax.


Apartment hunting 

I like not knowing where I’ll be next year, so from time to time I’ll check through listings to get a good idea of what kind of place I could get for a decent price range. This week, I checked out Dublin. Don’t do this unless you want to feel moody about the prospect of renting a cupboard for 800 a month. The same can be said of London, though.