Staying Positive and Getting Somewhere: Last Week of College

by Mary McFadden

With only a week left of college classes, I can’t help but feel a bit numb. I remember when I was finishing up my bachelors degree and I had a fluttery, nervous tummy leading up to the last few classes; it was an uncomfortable yet excited feeling. I was looking towards the future with bright, naive eyes. This time around, the fact that I’ll be done with college (hopefully forever as I do not intend to go back) doesn’t seem to register much with me. 

Maybe I’ll feel different on the day, but for now I’m just steadily doing my work, not really paying attention. I don’t consider it the home stretch, though I suppose it is. Perhaps it’s because I’m faced with an entire summer of work that still needs to be done, like maintaining the online version of Synced and securing an internship (which is looking more and more unlikely with every rejected inquiry). It could be that I haven’t particularly enjoyed my course, with a few exceptions, and I’m not very sad to see it end.

Either way, it’s been an odd week and I expect the coming 7 days will be very similar. Besides the lovely area I’m based in, I’ll definitely miss the friends that I’ve made here. It can be so easy to concentrate on the negative and I’m trying hard not to succumb to my possible fate of being a miserable cow; so yes, the wonderful people I’ve met since I moved have been a major factor in my sanity.

I can’t say that we all have the same goals, rather since starting our course most of us have realised we’re not destined for the path we’ve started down, but we do share some things: passion, determination and creativity. And, lately, an impressive tolerance for fools. We at Synced had our wrap-up party a few days ago, and it was a great night of good food, copious amounts of alcohol and an old school playlist.

It’s a pity we didn’t have the chance to spend more time together, away from the stresses of assignments and deadlines. However, it’s the quality and not the quantity that matters. When I look back at my MA, I’ll remember the stressful but fun times in the mags room designing our print edition; Taylor Swift’s catchy tunes playing on Kevin’s computer; Eric and his funny catchphrases – “Keep it happy, keep it snappy, keep it gay!” – or Mia with her yummy boxes of chocolates; Alessia who has an ongoing battle with the magnetic door; of Anna and her unwaveringly positive attitude, and of all the great times with the rest of my class who are all such talented people.

So the last week of college may be rather uneventful, and I probably won’t burst into tears when I leave, but I certainly will miss my class and what we’ve created with a lot of hard work and steely determination. And that’s all that matters, really.