5 Things To Love This Week: Synced, being home, Taylor Swift and more

by Mary McFadden

I’ve been trying to be more positive lately because a ‘typical me’ response to something that’s gone slightly wrong is to have a meltdown with a side of panic attack. It’s obviously not doing wonders for my stress levels so I’m going to try and take a bit of a chill pill. I also want to try and maintain this blog as a consistency project for myself so I figure doing weekly segments may help that along.

Hopefully this doesn’t quickly descend into ‘5 Things To Hate This Week That Will Make Me Cry And Re-Evaluate My Life’… it’s more of a mouthful so I’ll give this a go.


So the second and final issue of Synced has been printed and distributed; I have mixed feelings of both pride and sadness. I would’ve liked to do a third issue (in part due to my love of trios) and even though it’s a lot of hard work and stress, it’s always worth it when I get to hold the physical copy at the end of the month.

Even if that doesn’t end up happening (we’re thinking about doing a summer special), I’m still very proud of what we’ve achieved as a class.

Cover model: Kevin Long | Photographer: Anna Koppenhoefer  IMG_0550

Being home

I make no secret of my love for my country and being back was like breathing again. London is so stifling sometimes and being home with my friends, boyfriend and family just reminded me that it’s where I need to be. It’s actually caused me to take a break in terms of my hectic schedule and what I thought were my goals for the next year.

I may not want exactly what I thought I did; I certainly don’t want to go jetting off to yet another country in a few months. I don’t think I’m ready yet and I think I sometimes forget that I’m only 21. I have time.

IMG_0601 IMG_0612

Taylor Swift’s 1989 

A friend of mine in college is the world’s biggest fan of hers and it seems to have rubbed off on me. Now I’m not the most dedicated music fan so I don’t have too much of an ear in terms of what’s good or not; but consider me a Swiftie because I am hooked! I downloaded her album ‘1989’ onto my phone and I’ve been listening non-stop. Judge me if you will but that shit is catchy.

Cookie milkshakes 

The smell wafting from Wafflemeister would test the foundations of anyone practicing a strict ‘no cream of any kind’ rule. Give me a bowl of cream and I will sit until every last drop is gone; it’s a sickness. Cellulite be damned!

Anyway I fell off the wagon and bought a cookie and cream milkshake from the branch 5 minutes down the road. A giant cup of fat it may be, but it certainly cheers you up after a fairly dull day.


We had to walk through a dodgy Dublin neighbourhood to get there and it took a good 10 minutes longer than I expected, but Ikea is so worth it. I love walking around it with whoever will humour me (this time, it was my boyfriend, the poor lamb).

I’ve always had a thing for interior design and I enjoy imagining what kind of stuff I’d buy and how I’d decorate my future house… Side note: It’s only when you type things out that you realise how sad your life has truly become. Ah! No. Positive vibes.